A Practical Reflection for Your Lenten Observance

with Fr. Michael Earthman

As Catholics we know by heart that prayer, fasting, and alms giving are capital observances of Lent, and being accustomed to associating these practices with Lent can cause these practices to escape us.  But fear not!  In this episode we consider anew prayer, fasting, and alms giving with practical advice to execute them in our Lenten journeys this year.  

Prophetic Eminence of Moses

with Fr. Peter Heasley

A number of Old Testament prophets pave the way for Jesus’ coming in the New Testament, each playing a necessary role.  The role of Moses however, has a heightened significance even among the prophets since Moses imitates the very role intended for Christ in the New Testament.   In this episode we discuss Old Testament passages to further understand this eminence of Moses.  

The Superbowl and Building a Better World

with Fr. Anthony Hollowell

Material goods alone do not make us happy and until we know what brings us happiness we will be unable to make the world a better place. The Church recognizes the good in material things, but also proposes a higher good. Tune into this Catholic Bytes episode to hear more about Catholic Social Teaching, higher goods, and happiness.