Throwback Thursday: Does the Problem of Evil Negate God’s Existence

with Fr. Austin Litke, OP

Already discussing physical evil Part I, Fr. Austin Litke next tackles the existence of moral evil and what it is. If there were truly an all powerful, all knowing and merciful God, why did He create a Universe in which people could choose wrong? This commonly asked and difficult question, however, lays the groundwork for an unexpected conclusion.  

Throwback Thursday: Confession: It’s More Than Just a Sign

with Fr. Christopher Seith

Why confession? Not only does it seem unnecessary, but also rather uncomfortable. Can’t we just confess our sins in private directly to God? What about, hey, I just don’t want to tell anyone I’ve messed up? These common queries and questions are tackled by Fr. Seith, providing insight from the “other side” of the confessional.  

Leading Others to Truth: Part III

with John and Ashley Noronha

Should the Bible be our only authority? This is one point that distinguishes the Catholic Church and many Protestant churches. Tune into this Catholic Bytes episode as John and Ashley Noronha talk about the scriptural, historical, and logical aspects of this question.