The Hidden Life of Jesus

with Dcn. Louis Masi

There isn’t much information about the first 30 years of Jesus’ life in the Gospels, but from the little we hear about these years we know that four specific things were integral to the life of Jesus during these hidden years. Humility, obedience, family life, and an intimate union of the humanity and divinity of Jesus are touched upon and offer us material to contemplate to come to know the person of Jesus Christ in a more intimate way.

How to Approach Death

with Dcn. Stephen Logue

We have seen many different approaches to death throughout history. For Christians, we are not to flee from death for we place our trust in the Lord and the life that is to come. Tune into this Catholic Bytes episode to hear Dcn. Stephen Logue explain more about the Christian view on death and how we should approach it.