with Fr. Conrad Murphy

Each year we ask you to help financially support the work of the podcast and the various initiatives that have sprung forth from the podcast…and this year is no different.

During Advent, we are running a Go Fund Me to launch a new digital bible study initiative, Bible-Link.

Bible-Link is an initiative of Catholic CAST Media that aims to create disciples of all nations through encounter and community. Whether your parish doesn’t offer a bible study or your schedule doesn’t allow for you to go in person, we have you covered. We aim to connect  Catholics from around the world and to create a community that grows in their faith and supports each other in holiness! 

Would you consider donating $30, about $1 a day during Advent to support this initiative? We already have $5k in matching gifts promised so your donation will go twice as far!

You can donate here!

Reclaiming Vatican II

with Fr. Blake Britton

Since Vatican II there has been a development of factions within the Church – often seen as “liberal” and “conservative”. There is a disconnect between what people think Vatican II is about and what the documents actually say. Tune into this episode to hear Fr. Conrad and Fr. Blake Britton discuss what Vatican II really teaches us and where all of the confusion stems from.

Want to learn more? Check out Fr. Britton’s book Reclaiming Vatican II here!

Resurrection of the Body

with Katie Race

How can we live with the Resurrection in mind and how does this reality shape your life? Katie Race and Fr. Conrad discuss the Resurrection of the Body and how.

Am I keeping vigil? Am I giving witness to the Resurrection or am I paying more attention to what is now as opposed to what is ahead? What in me needs to be resurrected? Give all of that to Jesus.