Discerning the Movements of the Holy Spirit

with Fr. Alec Scott

We often say that something was providential or that we were inspired by the Holy Spirit, but is discerning the action of the Holy Spirit that easy? How can we tell when it’s the Spirit prompting us to do something or when it’s more of our own action and impetus? In this episode Fr. Conrad and Fr. Alec Scott (he’s finally back!) discuss how we can discern the Spirit in humility!

Quo Vadis – Where are You Going?

with Fr. Christian Huebner

Where are you going in your life and where might God be calling you? This phrase is from an apocryphal story about the death of St. Peter. Peter is heading out of Rome to escape persecution when Jesus passes him on the way, heading toward Rome. It’s not uncommon for us to ask the Lord where we are going, but it should be a question we ask of ourselves as well.

Practical Tips for Apologetics

with Fr. Carter Griffin

Fr. Conrad and Fr. Griffin begin this episode by discussing what NOT to do when giving a defense of the Faith. You may have great explanations for the various questions about the Faith, but if you don’t present it in a way that is well received it may not work out so well, or worse, you could turn someone away from the Faith. No worries, we end the episode with some practical tips on how to do apologetics well!

What is Apologetics?

with Fr. Carter Griffin

The root of the word apologetics is “defense” and the idea of apologetics is that the Faith can be defended. Everything in the Faith can be defended against being called unreasonable, but apologetics isn’t everything, but it is an important piece of evangelization.

Check out Fr. Griffin’s book on dealing with apologetics, Cross-Examined!

Intention and the Sacraments

with Fr. Christian Huebner

This episode is all about sacramental intention. In essence, it’s not enough for us to do and say certain things (it’s not magic) we must intend to what we are doing. The Catholic Bytes priests break this down with several examples regarding consecrating the Eucharist. (This is also very interesting and important when it comes to Baptism!)