The Last 4 Chapters of Augustin’s Confessions

with Fr. Conrad Murphy

Augustin’s Confessions is a spiritual classic, but have you read the final four chapters?

Tune into this Catholic Bytes episode to hear from Dr. Paige Hochschild of Mount St. Mary’s University on these final chapters that are often skipped.

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60 Seconds: Two Testaments

with Fr. Joseph Rampino

Sometimes the Old and New Testaments don’t seem very related, but the New Testament is hidden in the Old Testament, and the Old Testament is fully reveled in the New.

Now, tune into this CB episode to hear more.

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Behind the Scenes at Catholic Bytes

with Leslie Knopf

Have you heard the story behind how Catholic Bytes got started? Did you know it’s part of a larger organization called Catholic CAST Media?

Wether you have or haven’t tune into this episode to hear what goes on behind the scenes at Catholic Bytes.

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