How to Pray in Adoration

with Fr. Alec Scott

Adoration can be intimidating if you’ve never been (or even if you have because let’s be honest…it can be intimidating keeling in front of the Lord of the universe). In this episode, Fr. Conrad and Fr. Alec give practical tips on how to begin going to adoration and how to make the most of that time in prayer.

Skiing and the Spiritual Life

with CB podcast Trio

If you have ever learned to ski you may recall how at the beginning…it’s hard. You may feel like quitting, you may just want to ride back to the ski lodge and drink some hot chocolate, but if you did you would miss out on the beauty and fun of skiing. The same can be said for the spiritual life. In this CB episode, the CB Trio discuss the processing of learning how to ski and how this can help us take courage in our spiritual lives.

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Vatican II and Ressourcement

with Fr. Blake Britton

Vatican II is one of the most rooted and embracing councils in history. 

Ressourcement is a French term that is a foundational aspects of Vatican II. Some people say it came out of thin air, but it represents nearly two centuries of theological development.

If we want to be a living traditional Church we must be connected to our roots and the Church father’s represent this depth and root of our faith. By returning to the sources we have new strength to grow as we are supposed to grow.  

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O Antiphons – O Root of Jesse

with CB podcast Trio

The O Antiphons are a thing during Advent. What are they? What is the purpose? These are prayed during evening prayer and it is the verse recited before the Magnificat. Today we are talking about O Root of Jesse. It comes from Isaiah’s prophecy “from you a flower shall spring forth”. 

And would this be a truly great episode if our hosts didn’t talk about Tolkien? I think not. 

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Religious Order Draft

with CB podcast Trio

If you were charged with evangelizing the world, what religious orders would you want on your team?

This is a very fun episode episode with the CB Trio that shows a bit of everyone’s personality while sharing what is so great about many of the religious orders of the Church.

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