History and Contributions of the Jesuits

with Fr. Nicholas Callaghan

The Jesuit community is widely known for Ignatian spirituality today, but through history the Jesuit community has also made a significant impact on the Church through missionary work and the establishment of Catholic academic institutions.  In this episode we reflect on the lesser known contributions of this religious order.  

Making it Mendicant: the Dominicans and Franciscans

with Fr. Nicholas Callaghan

In this episode we discuss the principles of the monastic visions of Saints Dominic and Francis.  These two saints were committed to their strong spiritual devotions and constructed religious orders that flourished thereafter and remain great witnesses to the Faith today.  

Importance of the Not-So-Important Stuff

with Fr. Robert Adams

The liturgy is a rather complex celebration that involves many symbols and traditions.  At times these symbols and traditions may seem superfluous, but in fact they serve an important role in the liturgy, that upon understanding them, they facilitate our own participation in the liturgy to bring us closer to the Lord.