Throwback Thursday: The Beatitudes and True Happiness

How can we say we are made for happiness when there is so much sorrow in the world? When we live the life of the Beatitudes, we experience the happiness that God has intended for us in heaven. Happiness comes from God alone…what a timely reminder! Tune in for more about true happiness the Beatitudes in this CB episode with Fr. Jeff Kirby.

Hosting Priests for Dinner

with Fr. Rich Miserendino

It’s not uncommon that people will host their pastor, or another priest/religious friend for dinner. How do you prepare for this event? Is everything spotless and all of the kids are put together? Do they walk into chaos and are asked to help with dishes at the end? Believe it or not, this too can be used as a metaphor for the spiritual life. Cliff notes: God wants us to welcome Him into our chaos, to help us do the dishes, to be who we are and enter into a true and authentic relationship with Him.