The Rest of the Story

with Fr. Brian Graebe

In this episode we talk about the happy ending that is the ascension of Jesus Christ.  Jesus completed our salvation with His resurrection and after this, He returns home to heaven; something that upon meditating can help us to understand the full context of the Easter mystery as well as enlighten our own pursuits towards a homecoming with God, our Father.  



The Father of Monasticism

with Fr. John Wilson

For part II of our history series on monks and friars, we discuss the great contributions of Saint Benedict to monastic life.  The Father of Monasticism, Saint Benedict, lived in a time when monasticism was already practiced, however at this particular time in history, he was able to give monastic life its form through his influence of order and discipline.   


Male and Female He Created Them

with Fr. Andrew Bulso

Why is it the creation story specifies that God created humans as male and female? What is it in the relationship between man and woman, in their complementarity, that is in the image and likeness of God? Get the answers when you tune into this Catholic Bytes episode and dive into Genesis 1:27-28.

The Virtue of Justice: Parts of Justice

with Fr. Greg Gerhart

In the previous podcast we began a discussion on the virtue of justice, which is vital to living a moral life.  In this podcast we discuss the virtue in greater depth in order to better equip ourselves to practice it by analyzing the different parts of this virtue.