The Four Marks of the Church

with Fr. Nathan Ricci

What it is that defines the Catholic Church?  Like all things, the Church has an identity which comes from her characteristics.  Four of these characteristics we call the marks of the Church since they are the unchangeable essence of what the Church is. She is one, holy, catholic, and apostolic, and in this episode we discuss these four marks and their part of the Church’s identity.  

The Great Culmination of Covenants in the New Testament

with Fr. Llane Briese

Throughout this series of episodes on God’s covenants with various figures in the Old Testament, we have seen how each covenant was fulfilled in Jesus Christ in the New Testament.  In this final episode, we take a big picture look at the development of these covenants and their culmination in the life of Christ in the New Testament.  

Kingship for God’s People: His Covenant with David

with Fr. Llane Briese

As we continue the series on covenants we now look at God’s covenant with David,  the successor of Saul as the first human king of God’s people.  God makes a covenant with David for a kingship that leaves a legacy that looks forward to the coming of Christ, our true King.  

God’s Covenant with Moses

with Fr. Llane Briese

God’s relationship with His people changes from the Old Testament to the New, and even His guidance for us as to how to follow Him takes on new form in the New Testament.  In this episode we discuss this development through God’s covenant with Moses, which carries Christianity from the Old Testament to the New.  

Miguel Pro: the Priest in Disguise

with Fr. Scott Valentyn

In just one year of active priestly ministry, Blessed Miguel Pro set an example for the rest of the Church to live as God created us to be. From disguising himself as a police officer to minister to priests on death row, to forgiving his executioners right before his death, Bl. Miguel was known for his radical gift of self for those he served. Tune in to this Catholic Bytes episode to get the full story!

God’s Covenant with Abraham

with Fr. Llane Briese

The recount of Abraham that we get from the Bible demonstrates a complex relationship with God in which Abraham relies on God with faith and trust, and ultimately is an amazing example for all of us.  In this episode we talk about Abraham’s story and how his faith enabled it to unfold according to God’s plan.  

Understanding Christ’s Humanity

with Fr. Joseph Rampino

The person of Jesus Christ is the part of the Triune God that we relate to on a personal level, but many heresies along the way have tried to negate the truth of Christ’s human nature.  In this episode hear how the personal aspect of Christ is fundamental to our salvation as we follow history through a few heresies that made claims against it.