Redemption from sins… In practical terms!

with Fr. Paul Haverstock

Recognizing the various forms sin can take will help us to understand the actions we need to take to be absolved of those various sins.  In this episode we clarify personal sin from actual sin and discuss in particular the two types of personal sin and the avenues God provides for us in order to receive His forgiveness.

Understanding Original Sin

with Fr. Paul Haverstock

Human origin is something man will never grow tired of contemplating and the fall of our first parents, Adam and Eve, made human sinfulness an inevitable part of our nature.  In this episode we offer insight for some questions that arise upon contemplating this complex reality and through them will get a better understanding of God, our Creator.

St. Jerome’s contribution to the Church… easy access to the Bible!

with Fr. George Elliott

The Church is built on a foundation of so many great saints who followed Christ to continue His mission, and thanks to St. Jerome, since early on in the life of the Church believers have had access to the Bible in their own language. “Ignorance of Scripture, is ignorance of Christ!”In this episode hear how the Church Father and brilliant linguist, St. Jerome, used his skills for the greater glory of God.

The Priesthood: It’s Not Just Your Parish Priest

with Fr. Alec Scott

When we think about the priesthood, we think of that guy with the black robe and the white little square on his neck. But is that all there is about the priesthood? Find out the deeper meaning of the priesthood here, not only for priests, but for lay men and women.