Last Things Part I: Get Ready to Meet Your Maker

with Fr. Francis Marotti

In the first part of a three-part series on the Four Last Things, Fr. Marotti focuses in on how death relates to the idea of a loving God and one’s free will.

Further Resources:

  1. Online Audio: Homily of Bishop Robert Barron on how God did not create death.
  2. Online Audio: Talk by Fr. Michael Schmitz on the Four Last Things, from Lighthouse Catholic Media
  3. Online: Article on death by Deacon Michael Bickerstaff, from
  4. Book: “Death and Judgment,” a short book by Abbot Vonier (early 20th century), available here

Clerical Celibacy: Why?

with Fr. Alec Scott

Many in the Catholic and non-Catholic world alike wonder why Roman Catholic priests give up sex for their vocation. This episode explains why the Church practices this discipline, and offers reasons for why it’s a good idea.

Further Resources:

  1. Audio: Institute of Catholic Culture’s Lecture on Defending Priestly Celibacy: Understanding the Modern Vocations Crisis
  2. Book: Priestly Identity: A study in the theology of priesthood by Thomas McGovern
  3. Online: Bishop Robert Barron’s article Everyone Hates Celibacy! and his article to which he makes reference: A Case for Celibacy by Priests
  4. Chastity Project’s Q&A about Priestly Celibacy and Vocations
  5. Chastity Project’s video about Celibacy for the Kingdom

Cluny Reforms and the Importance of Monasteries in Medieval Life

with Fr. Conrad Murphy

Within the deep history of the Catholic Church is that of monasteries, which have developed greatly since the Middle Ages.  Among this development the Cluny reforms mark a significant point in the history of the monastic life that has endured ever since.