“Did you not know I was in my Father’s house?”

with Fr. Andrew Mattingly

What can the only Bible passage we have of Jesus’ childhood teach us about how to live our own lives?  In this episode we discuss the significance of this passage, Mary and Joseph finding Jesus in the temple, and its relevance to our own behavior.

Sexual Shame: A Hindrance or a Help?

with Fr. Jim Morin

Sexual shame has been understood both positively and negatively through time. In order to understand it properly, however, one must look at the bigger picture and put it in relation to the sexual urge itself.  Here Dcn. Morin breaks down what the Catholic Church teaches about the matter, ultimately positing that sexual shame is a guide to true love.

The New Adam

with Fr. Andrew Bulso

In this episode we hear about the parallel of salvation between the Old Testament and the New Testament across which Christ comes to earth as the New Adam to save us from the condition we have fallen into upon the fall of the Adam of the Old Testament.  Through this parallel we see the overabundance of Christ’s love for us, who not only fixes our sinful state, but offers us new life in Him.