Sacraments: Ex opere operato

with Fr. Alec Scott

How do the sacraments work? In this episode, we learn what the phrase ex opere operato means, and how it relates to the validity of the sacraments.

Further Resources:

  1. Online Video: Brief lecture on how the sacraments works “ex opere operato”
  2. Online: Passage in the Catechism of the Catholic Church which discusses “ex opere operato”
  3. Online: Good article by Joe Heschmeyer explaining why even bad priests can still consecrate the Eucharist because of ex opere operato

Understanding the Artist, Michelangelo

with Fr. Corey Tufford

Who is the master behind the Pietà, the David, and so many other world-renowned works of art?

Further Resources:

  1. Online Video: Extensive, well-presented talk by Dr. David Clayton on beauty and sacred art.
  2. Online Video: Very well-done video tribute to Pope St. John Paul II’s “Letter to Artists”, by students at John Paul the Great Catholic University
  3. Online: Important and motivational “Letter to Artists” from Pope St. John Paul II, written in 1999.
  4. Online: 15 Facts about Michelangelo’s Pietà. 

St. Louis IX: the Ideal of an Age

with Fr. Joseph Rampino

Even though we are worlds apart, St. Louis IX is an example of living for God exactly where He has placed us.

Further Resources:

  1. Online: Example of music from the time of King St. Louis IX (these pieces came out of the University of Paris during Louis’ lifetime)
  2. Online: Pictures of Saint Chapelle, the Paris chapel built by King St. Louis IX to house relics of Christ’s passion
  3. Book: Biography of King St. Louis IX by one of his contemporaries, John de Joinville.
  4. Book: Memoirs of the crusades, written by John de Joinville and Geffroy de Villehardouin


Sacraments and Human Nature

with Fr. Alec Scott

Fr. Alec Scott discusses how God gives us sacraments according to our human nature and our current state of life, so to be easily sensed by our human nature.

Further Resources:

  1. Online video: Concise, brief, video lecture on how the sacraments correspond to human nature
  2. Online: Question from St. Thomas Aquinas’ Summa Theologiae on the necessity of the sacraments
  3. Book: “Swear to God: The Promise and Power of the Sacraments” by Scott Hahn, available here