Angels: Purely Spiritual and Super Intelligent Warriors

with Fr. Paul Haverstock

While many believe that modern science has disproved the existence of angels, others believe they are merely cute cuddly cherubims for a nursery. In one short episode, delve into a discussion which not only points to the existence of these invisible and powerful creatures, but also describes their actual nature.

Further Resources:

  1. Online Audio:  Talk on Angels and Demons by Dr. Peter Kreeft
  2. Online Audio: Lighthouse Catholic Media talk on the 9 choirs of angels by Dr. Mark Miravalle
  3. Online:  Article by Joe Heschmeyer: 6 Biblical Reasons to Pray to Angels
  4. Online:  18 Questions on Angels answered by the Baltimore Catechism.. courtesy of
  5. Online:  Brief article on angels by Fr. Steve Grunow

Positive Law: Decreed and Promulgated

with Fr. Conrad Murphy

While we have already touched upon positive law in previous episodes discussing the different types of law, Fr. Conrad Murphy narrows in on it, addressing the necessity of a spelled out law. Why is natural law not enough? Listen up for your answer . . .

Further Resources:

  1. Online audio: Homily of Bishop Robert Barron where he touches on the importance of laws
  2. Online: Good, concise definition of positive law found on

Arguing God’s Existence: The Matrix, Gambling, and Gelato

with Fr. David Kidd

What do The Matrix, gambling, and gelato all have in common? Oddly enough, in this Catholic Bytes episode they all deal with the existence of God. Tune in to hear the philosophical arguments for the existence of God offered by the well-known thinkers Descartes, Pascal and Kant, and how we today can be witnesses to that existence.

Further Resources:

  1. Online Audio:  Fr. Mark Spitzer’s Proofs for the Existence of God from Lighthouse Catholic Media.
  2. Online Audio:  Jennifer Fulwiler’s conversion story from Atheism to Catholicism
  3. Online Audio:  Series of video debates on the existence of God by Dr. William Lane Craig
  4. Online Audio:  Good overview of the existence of God by Dr. Peter Kreeft
  5. Book:  On Guard: Defending Your Faith with Reason and Precision, by William Lane Craig

Defining And Distinguishing Law

with Fr. Conrad Murphy

Eternal law, natural law, and positive law – do you ever wonder what they all have in common, or, on the flip side, what distinguishes them from each other? Tune in for a concise and informative episode on the topic of law, its definition, various types, and how, as humans, we need to relate to it.

  1. Online article: Brief explanation of the various types of law at
  2. Book: Perfecting Human Actions: St. Thomas Aquinas on Human Participation in Eternal Law, by John Rziha

John 2:1-5: Catholic Devotion to Mary in a Nutshell

with Fr. Michael Niemczak

One commonly known and beloved Gospel story is the Wedding Feast of Cana (John 2:1-5). What is commonly unknown, however, is the depth and richness of this passage on various levels. In fact, we learn not only something about Christ and something about ourselves in this passage, but also the whole of Catholic devotion to Mary.


  1. Online Audio:  hour-long talk of Scott Hahn on Mary in the Bible
  2. Online:  Article by Dr. Taylor Marshall discussing Mary’s mediation at the Wedding Feast at Cana
  3. Online:  Excellent brief online “lesson” about Mary and the Wedding Feast at Cana from the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology

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Sts. Cyril and Methodius: Bearers of the Slavonic Language

with Fr. Joseph Rampino

These brothers are best known for developing the Cyrillic alphabet and the Slavonic language, which spurred their mission work in Eastern Europe. They are examples of staying true to the work of Christ, despite the political tensions which surrounded them. Dcn. Joseph Rampino tells the adventurous story of these brothers in this Catholic Bytes episode.

Further Resources:

  1. Online: Notes on Cyril from San Clemente Website
  2. Online Video: Poem by Saint Cyril in Old Church Slavonic
  3. Book: A History of Christendom, Volume 2: The Building of Christendom, by Dr. Warren H. Carroll.  Front Royal: Christendom College Press, 1987.

Moral Relativism: The Need for a Standard of Goodness

with Fr. John Wilson

What is right for you isn’t necessarily right for me. This common phrase expresses the prevalence of moral relativism in today’s culture, but what exactly is moral relativism? In this Catholic Bytes episode we will discuss this common frame of mind and how a standard of goodness guides us to happiness.

Further Resources:

  1. Online Audio: Chris Stefanick’s Relativism
  2. Book: A Refution of Moral Relativism: Interviews with an Absolutist, by Peter Kreeft.
  3. Book: The Abolition of Man, by C.S. Lewis

Romans 3:21-26: Justified.

with Fr. Llane Briese

What does justification through faith in Jesus Christ mean? Did Jesus have to die on the cross or could the Father have reconciled the world to Himself in a different way? How do we reconcile the Immaculate Conception with the universal effect of sin? All of these questions and more will be discussed in this Catholic Bytes episode with Fr. Llane Briese.

Further Resources:

  1. Online: Apologetics article on justification by Dr. Tim Staples
  2. Online: Article by Joe Heschmeyer on justification and St. John’s Gospel
  3. Online: Article by Fr. William Most on the doctrine of justification
  4. Online: Article by Fr. Robert Barron on the “gospel” and justification
  5. Audio for purchase: 4-CD set on justification by Scott Hahm

Mortal And Venial Sin: Defining The Difference.

with Fr. Timothy Furlow

The terms “venial” and “mortal” sin are frequently used but not always completely understood. What exactly is sin, and what are the varying degrees of it? While sin is often said to be ‘separation’ from God, Scripture tells us we can never be separated from God’s love. Can we synthesize these two statements, or is one incorrect? Listen up for more…

Further Resources:

  1. Online Audio: Lenten reflections on the 7 deadly sins, by Fr. Paul Scalia
  2. Online Audio: Fr. Barron reflects on the 7 deadly sins and “7 lively virtues”
  3. Online: Article on the biblical basis for mortal sin by Catholics United for the Faith
  4. Online: Extensive apologetics article on mortal and venial sin by Dr. Tim Staples