Clerical Celibacy: Why?

with Fr. Alec Scott

Many in the Catholic and non-Catholic world alike wonder why Roman Catholic priests give up sex for their vocation. This episode explains why the Church practices this discipline, and offers reasons for why it’s a good idea.

Further Resources:

  1. Audio: Institute of Catholic Culture’s Lecture on Defending Priestly Celibacy: Understanding the Modern Vocations Crisis
  2. Book: Priestly Identity: A study in the theology of priesthood by Thomas McGovern
  3. Online: Bishop Robert Barron’s article Everyone Hates Celibacy! and his article to which he makes reference: A Case for Celibacy by Priests
  4. Chastity Project’s Q&A about Priestly Celibacy and Vocations
  5. Chastity Project’s video about Celibacy for the Kingdom