Prayer Life: Where to Begin

with Fr. George Elliott

For someone who never runs, it’s improbable they will be able to hop up and run a marathon. To achieve such a feat, the aspiring runner must start running routinely, daily, and little by little. The same applies for the prayer life: we can neither be over-zealous nor under-motivated. A prayer life takes intentional and consistent effort which then builds a habit. Explore in this episode ways to pray and how to intertwine it into daily life.

Further Resources:

  1. Online: Any of the prayers listed on EWTN’s Website
  2. Book: The Pieta Prayer Book
  3. Book: Midwest Theological Forum’s The Handbook of Prayers
  4. Book: Thomas a Kempis’s The Imitation of Christ
  5. Book: Any of the Dynamic Catholic books
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Fr. George Elliott grew up across the United States until he settled in NE Texas in ’99. He is now a priest of the Diocese of Tyler, TX. Having completed a Licentiate in Patristics, the study of the life and thought of the early Christians, he is currently pursuing his Doctorate. He hopes to apply the effective methods of evangelization used in the early Church to modern America. When not studying or doing pastoral work, he enjoys reading, rock climbing, and sailing.