Synod: Reaffirming the Mission of the Family

with Leslie Knopf and Cecilia O’Reilly

The Synod of Bishops on the Family concludes and you don’t know what to think? Some media says one thing, other media says another. Or, you didn’t follow it at all and would like to know what took place, but don’t know where to start with the vast and various coverage. Well, a good place to start is going to the official source itself: the “Relatio finalis,” the final document published at the conclusion of three weeks of lively discussion and prayer. But it’s only in Italian?! Don’t let that deter you. Listen up on Catholic Bytes to discover just what the Synod taught, or better yet reaffirmed.

Further Resources:

  1. Discourse of the Holy Father at the conclusion of the Synod
  2. Relatio Finalis of the Synod