Trinity In Us: A Life Altering Friendship

with Fr. Christopher Seith

Between husband and wife, close friends, or any friendship, there is a strange occurrence at play. One becomes like the other, does things the other does, likes things the other likes (even sometimes things they disliked beforehand!). ┬áThe same happens in our friendship with Christ and participation in the life of the Trinity. Wait! What? We participate in the life of the Trinity? Listen up, and discover with Catholic Bytes just how so…

Further Resources:

  1. Online: Bishop Barron’s homilies on the Trinity:
    1. The Fruits of the Spirit
    2. The Three Personnel God
    3. Our God Is a Community of Love
    4. Why the Trinity Matters
    5. The Trinity as a Call to Action
  2. Book: William McDonough’s The Divine Family
  3. Audio: Scott Hahn’s God’s Family and Ours: The Church and the Trinity