Vatican II and Ressourcement

with Fr. Blake Britton

Vatican II is one of the most rooted and embracing councils in history. 

Ressourcement is a French term that is a foundational aspects of Vatican II. Some people say it came out of thin air, but it represents nearly two centuries of theological development.

If we want to be a living traditional Church we must be connected to our roots and the Church father’s represent this depth and root of our faith. By returning to the sources we have new strength to grow as we are supposed to grow.  

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Fr. Blake Britton is a parish priest and assistant vocations director in the Diocese of Orlando. He has written for the Word on Fire Institute’s blog. Fr. Britton earned his bachelor’s degree in philosophy from St. John Vianney College-Seminary and his master’s degree in divinity from St. Vincent de Paul Regional Seminary. He is also a classically trained opera singer, pianist, and organist.